Very odd tom.

Obviously the super starwars games were produced in the early 90's, and were most deffinately 2D platformers with their own fairly unique style of gameplay.

Even the platform stages were varied sinse some, ---- like the first dune sea level of super starwars, were just streight up walk along, jump around avoid enemies constantly moving right, while others involved more exploration.

they also had some pretty unique traps, ---- for instance in Jaba's thrown room you'd have jaba's dancers coming after you chucking spears, while atht the same time you'd have to jump over many holes in the floor which would randomly open and drop you into the rankor pit.

Then though when you got to the shield generator base on ender, ---- well expect a huge maze with lots of exploration!

As you might gather I was very fond of these games (in fact I might fire up my snes and give them another blast), but at the same time, obviously they are very limited, ---- not the least by the Snes' hardware at the time.

Beware the Grue!


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