HI Dark,

Oh, I definitely know the feeling. The Knights of the Old Republic
games pretty much came  out after I lost my sight. I'd love to play
them, but only have been able to enjoy them vicariously. Plus given my
love of huge strategy/tactical battle games Star Wars Battle Front
would rule if it was only accessible.  However, my experience has been
pretty much limited to the games of the 90's when Lucas Arts was just
starting to produce PC titles like  Dark Forces, Jedi Knight, Rebel
Assalt, Tie Fighter, and a couple of others I had.

As far as cheat codes goes I made heavy use of them back then to make
up for things I couldn't see on screen. Actually some of them would be
quite funny. For example, in Dark Forces you could use the
invincibility cheat code, walk right up to a squad of storm troopers
with their weapons blasting away, drop a thermal detonator right in
front of them, and stand there while they blow up. All the while not
taking a scratch. Man, that was funny to watch.

Then again, I also use to use the cheat codes for specific grudge
matches too. For example, in Mysteries of the Sith on level 11, I
think it was, Mara Jade would have to face her dark side clone in the
Sith temple. The clone was pretty wicked about  throwing force
blinding attacks followed up by Sith lightning attacks. It made that
particular fight hard to beat.

Well, if you enter the right cheat code you could turn the good Mara
Jade into the clone's worst nightmare complete with dark side powers
as well. I can't tell you how many times I use to forsake the light
side of the force just to see which Mara Jade could fry who first. I
basically gave the clone everything back with spades. Lol!

Well, Luke as for your name this ones for you. "Oh, my my this here
Luke guy. Maybe someday later he'll be the son of Vader, but right now
he's just an average guy.  As he kissed his mommy goodbye he said
someday i'm going to be a Jedi. Yes, i'm going to be a Jedi."

Lol! You asked for that one. This jokes for you.

On 12/1/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> This is fantastic!
> while I've not perhaps been as major a fan of starwars (dr. who and Tolkien
> take that position), I have certainly loved the films, toys and games for
> many years.
> Three of my favourite games on the Snes which stood me well for three
> christmas pressents were the versions of super Starwars, Empire strikes
> back, and return of the Jedi which I've replayed on innumerable occasions.
> These are however, due to lack of vision, sadly the only starwars games I
> have ever played. They are exceptionally fun action platformers and have
> some wonderful moments, ---- especially when you enter the rather major
> cheat code so that you can fight Jaba the hutt, darth vader and Emperor
> palpatine while playing as wicket the E wock (who surprisingly is actually a
> really awsome char in the game).
> Stil, these games are limited in scope, and I have felt moments of extreme
> jealousy when seeing my brother or friends playing games like dark forces,
> wing commander or (more recently), the knights of the old republic games
> which I'd give my right foot to be able to play.
> The fact that you've been stopped from producing accessible versions is to
> my mind, ridiculous, and George Lucas lawyers deserve to be kicked into the
> saalak pit for such a thing.
> so, I absolutely applaud your efforts and really! look forward to seeing a
> game.
> Feel free to contact me for any voice acting you may require.
> Btw, amusing fact. obviously sinse my other name is Luke, i've had starwars
> jokes made about me all my life (despite the fact my hair is dark brown not
> blonde).
> On one occasion for a genetic study into congenital glaucoma all our family
> gave blood samples. All the samples matched for the required genes, -----
> accept mine!
> We are now waiting for the day a Dark sith lord is going to walk through the
> door and say "luke! I am your father!" ;D.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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