Hi Bryan,

Yeah, exar kuhn didn't start out being a bad guy. He started
experimenting with the dark side, but tried to hang on to his morals
per say. However, Freedon Nadd.  was able to bend his will turning him
to the dark side setting him on a path of destruction and to become a
Sith warlord.  I always thought that story would make an awesome vidio

Speaking of Sith ghosts one of the reasons I decided to start work on
Mysteries of the Sith is primarily for the Sith temple level at the
end. Before Mara reaches kyle she has to fight her way through several
Sith ghosts and zombies which is quite a lot different than fighting
storm troopers, probe droids, and the usual enemies.Although, not as
tough as a living Jedi the ghosts and zombies do hav some Sith powers
giving them a tactical advantage over the standard enemies.

On 12/2/10, Bryan Peterson <bpeterson2...@cableone.net> wrote:
> Or even his would-be master Freedon Nadd. Then again, Nadd was just a ghost
> and if I remember rightly he was destroyed by Kun himself using a Masasi
> amulet. He had a interesting story since he started out wanting simply to
> master the dark side without becoming a sith. He ultimately became a warlord
> if I'm not mistaken before he was betrayed by I believe Ulik Qel-Droma and
> destroyed by the combined might of all the Jedi. Of course if you read Jedi
> Academy you know that he survived in spirit for over three-thousand years
> before finally being destroyed by Luke's Jedi Academy apprentices. That in
> turn liberated Kyp Durron from his control and enabled him to begin to atone
> for the things he'd done. I always thought the Jedi Academy books would have
> made a good story for a game.

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