Hi Dark,

Lol! I take your meaning. I always did think the knife in Shades of
Doom was a bit too long. Its like a ssmall sword their.

For example, this weekend I spent a little time playing around with a
possible clone of Mysteries of the Sith, and created a sample level
for testing out some game mechanics. I set Mara's saber range to 6
feet which is probably pretty close to the actual length of a saber
with someone's arm extended. Even though it is a close range weapon as
wapons goes that didn't help the poor storm troopers I used as target
practice. I have already got the code in place to block blaster bolts
which worked most of the time, and I just basically walked up to them
and chopped off their heads with the light saber.  Lol!

Oh, and I might add that wasn't the worst thing I did. I'm creating a
weapon cclass for the rail gun, that's a type of rocket launcher in
the Jedi Knight games,  and gave Mara 100 rockets, yes 100 rockets to
start with. I basically walked around the level blowing troopers apart
wwitch didn't stand a chance with their puny blaster rifles. One
rocket alone was enough to kill them instantly. Talk about over kill.

As for drawing things to actual scale I think it helps me personally
conceptionalize the level bettr if things are drawn to actual scale
rather than reduced in size. Using 30 elements of an array to
represent a 30 foot wall makes more sense than using 3 elements of an
array and saying it is 30 feet of wall is a bit harder to
conceptionally imagine when drawing the level maps. Although, drawing
the level itself is easier/quicker because you don't have to do as
much work drawing the maps if it is smaller.


On 12/5/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi tom.
> I always personally thought of things as scaled relative to the characters
> anyway. Afterall, if you thought about it logically, in a game like metroid,
> you'd be jumping 14 feet (over twice your hite), in the air anyway, and
> about 25 feet with the high jump boots.
> Then, you'd be falling down shafts hundreds and hundreds of feet high with
> no injury, and jumping across gaps that are roughly 20 feet long.
> Realistic? probably not, but in the contex of a 2D exploration game it works
> fine. I've not played many things in 3D, but I'd say the same principle
> applies, objects exist scaled to, and with reference to the mechanics of the
> game world only.
> Look at shades of doom. I've always been rather amused that your fists can
> reach things seven feet away, and a long knife five feet (a knife that long
> is usually called a sword isn't it?), yet, we don't mind, because in the
> context of the game, for navigation purposes such measurements make sense.
> I'd say the same principle applies here, ---- so just go with whatever is
> easiest.
> Beware the Grue!
> Dark.

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