Hi Alfredo,

Well, I suppose Python would be easier to remember for the common
person since it primarily uses proper spacing and formatting rather
than a lot of syntacs like semi-colons, braces, brackets etc. However,
I think this is beside the point.

We need to remember that Philip is pretty much a C/C++ developer now.
Most likely his choice in using Angelscript is exactly because it
resembles C/C++. Had he been personally a fan of something like Python
I'm sure he would have included it in BGT. However, speaking as a
C/C++ developer myself using Python would have been something of a
turn off.

To explain that you need to remember this. Creating a game engine like
BGT requires a balance between ease of use and to be as powerful as it
can be. Although, I don't hate Python I often find the way it does
things a bit on the simplistic side as in I.E. the Python developers
intentionally stripped down a complex programming feature or technique
to make it easier to be understood by a newbie but left a more
advanced programmer out in the cold. Not only that to tell the truth
without braces to define various code blocks I get lost very easy with
Python and have to make up with it by adding line comments.  For
various reasons like that I've always considered Python fine for a
newbie, but still don't consider it something I'd use professionally.

I guess since I was trained in C/C++ I naturally am drawn to any
language like C# .NET, Java, Angelscript, etc because it is familiar
to me. I can just look at it and get the jist of how it works because
I'm familiar with the  basics of that language and its syntacs. When
we go off to languages like Python or even Visual Basic it takes me a
bit longer ot figure out the code because it looks, well, weird to me.
So I imagine Philip chose Angelscript since it was familiar to him in
the same way C# .NET, Java, and any other C-Style language is to me.


On 12/27/10, Alfredo C <birdlover2...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> I wonder, if a scripting language can be made that has a purer code that can
> be easy tor remember? I know a few, like hop and I think python has some
> pure punctuation. like you do nto need braces and semiclons to indicate
> different things.

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