Hi Jim,

Well, in that way we are a lot alike. Although, I'm on facebook, am on
instant messenger, etc I generally don't do that while playing games
too. I tend to do one thing at a time. If I'm chatting on AIM I'm
chatting on AIM. If I'm chatting on facebook I'm chatting on facebook.
If I'm playing a game that's probably all I'm doing at the time. So
have never really had a need to have a screen reader running while the
game is running. However, I have set up the input system to disable
DirectInput when the window doesn't have focus to allow those people
who like to multitask too play the game and switch between other
applications as well.  However, personally I've never found it that
big a deal.


On 1/5/11, Jim Kitchen <j...@kitchensinc.net> wrote:
> Hi Philip and Thomas,
> Guess that maybe I am lucky in that I have some really nice sapi5 voices.
> Like AT&T Lauren, Crystal, Charles, Mike etc as well as Neo Speech Kate and
> Paul.  But seriously I like most of my sapi5 voices much better than
> Eloquence.  I write allot of personal applications such as my Email program
> etc that use sapi5 and just really like them better than Eloquence.  So
> personally I do not miss Eloquence in games.  Guess also since when I am
> playing a game, that is what I am doing and thus have no problem shutting
> off Jaws.  You know I am not getting Email, instant messages or other
> applications trying to bother me while I am playing that I might need a
> screen reader such as Jaws to be active.  But hey I have always felt that I
> was at least on the fringe of normality. <grin>
>      Jim

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