Hi Thomas,

I believe I will put mouse and joystick in lite, and then when I add force feedback I will reserve that for pro. That way I can have something for both worlds, as it were.

As for joysticks being better, I'm sure they are in a lot of situations but I can also see many cases where the keyboard might be preferable. In the game I am currently developing and in those I have planned for the future, the keyboard offers a lot more options than a joystick does. Unless, of course, the gamers have a proper game pad with 8 or more buttons. Most audio game players don't, however, and so it would be foolish for me to make games that absolutel required these as I would be losing a lot of business. I have a very basic joystick with 4 buttons, and that's it. I enjoy using it but it's not my favorite source of input even for the games that do support it.

Kind regards,

Philip Bennefall
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Hi Philip,

Yeah, I pretty much figured as much. A lot of people, blind from
birth, are of the opinion that joysticks and mice are just extra
controllers. The reason is they have never been exposed to the kinds
of games that can benifit from alternative controllers and believe
that the keyboard is the best game controller out there. It has only
been in the last three/four years that audio games have come out to
challenge that view. Games like Rail Racer, for example, absolutely
require a joystick or mouse to be remotely good at the game, because
the keyboard can't provide the very minute changes in joystick and/or
mouse position. It is my feeling as more high quality accessible games
like Rail Racer come out demonstrating how necessary these types of
controllers can be for game play attitudes will change about the

Take Street Fighter as an example. I'm not an expert at the fighting
genre games, but they are usually 55 to 60 frames per second. At that
speed something like a keyboard would only slow you down. Joysticks
and gamepads provide the gamer a fast input method that allows them to
react at a high frame rate while providing the gamer with several
specials and moves that simply can't be performed on a keyboard. For
example, hold a kick button down while spinning the joystick around in
a circle might deliver a fast spin kick to the head of an apponent.
Keyboards, by design, just aren't able of pulling off such moves. Once
you've experienced these more advanced moves and the speed of a
joystick/gamepad the keyboard seams clunky and unweildy.

Although, I have had a thought. You know you could always offer basic
joystick and gamepad support in light, but for pro include force
feedback support. This would provide developers the ability to support
joysticks, but only pro game developers can add and use force feedback
support. What do you think of that?


On 2/3/11, Philip Bennefall <phi...@blastbay.com> wrote:
Hi Thomas,

I can see where you are coming from, and must agree after some thought. For
me personally, as one who has never played mainstream games, the joystick
and mouse are just extras. The keyboard is the primary input source for me, and always has been. But I have no problem making mouse and joystick support a lite feature. ThenI feel as though I'm still getting something back for my
work, which I do not when people just use the demo. This is of course
perfectly okay, I intended the demo to be free, but I'm starting to think
that I'm giving too much away in the demo version.

Kind regards,

Philip Bennefall

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