Hi Michael,

Michael wrote:

       I was recently thinking of grabbing one of the MUDD engines for
Linux and porting Final Fantasy 7 to it.  It would be in the grand Zork
style, but would follow the same storyline and you'd essentially have to
accomplish the same actions to progress through the game.  I'd prolly
get sued by Square for it, though. <.laughs.>

My reply:

Yeah, I know the feeling. I've basically had similar ideas with a
number of mainstream games. There quite a few I thought would make
great muds or stand alone text-based rpgs.

For example, back in the 1990's I had purchased a number of
paper-and-pen roll playing games like X-Men, Star Wars, and Heavy
Gear. After high school and college I really didn't have anyone to
roll play with so all my books got chucked into a box, and I'm not
even sure where they are at the moment. I believe they are in my
in-laws basement along with a few other things we don't have hear at
our apartment. However, the bottom line is I'd love to get all the
books out, and convert them to a text-based rpg system I could sit and
play alone or with others bringing back the joys of junior high, high
school, and college. Thing is, as always, the people who own the
copyrights to such games might not take it so kindly.

Plus as I said there are a number of video games too that could be
nicely turned in to an accessible text-based game. For example, the
Legend of Zelda. Creating an audio game based on Zelda would be next
to impossible without a huge budget, b ut I could easily crank out a
mud, text adventure game, whatever just by porting the game to a text
only format like that. I'm sure in alot of ways the replay value and
similar enjoyment would still be there. It just wouldn't have all of
the visual annimation etc of the original. Heck I could even include
the classic music if desired. Again though I'm sure Nintendo or
someone would probably have a fit if I did that.


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