On Wed, Feb 09, 2011 at 08:15:41AM -0600, Charles Rivard wrote:
> However, one of the main tools to form that strategy is missing.
> Namely, vision.  Hence the very reason they are called video??
> games.

[My Reply:]

        On further thought, I've gone back over my memories of Soul 
Blade/Caliber, Tekken3, and the like, and the manuals have fairly well 
covered the menu structure.  More than enough to get to the practice 
areas where you can practice moves and getting an immersion in the ways 
each move sounds.  While I'd really miss the eye candy, and might not 
have a clue what a particular maneuver looks like, it certainly seems 

        I haven't a clue on how I'd go about playing something like Tomb 
Raider, though.  A good 90% of what attracted me to the Tomb Raider 
series was the panoramic scenery and stark panic, like when the T-Rex 
pops it's big head around the cavern wall and comes barrelling down on 
you like a locomotive.  Rewinds me why I didn't care for some aspects of 
the game.  The unrealistic allocation of damage.  You'd think a T-Rex 
would only have to bite you once for a game over, but nooooooo...the 
game lets you get bitten 3 or 4 times before you're down for the count.  
No missing limbs, no injury shock, no crippling effects...and it should 
delete all your saved games the moment you die, making you start over 
from scratch.


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