My purpose isn't to convert people to fighting games... that kind of thing just seems pointless to me as I don't see why people should play something they're not into. I'm just trying to broaden the horizons a bit, and let people know what's out there. And this is the first time mainstream games have been discussed onlist by more than three or four people. lol.

I guess the thing about fighting games is, it's all about the multiplayer. Your brother does exactly what a bigtime fighting gamer would do. All those tournament players.. they play one or two characters, learn every trick up their sleeve and learn how they play against each and every other character. While I'm not quite that committed, I am definitely a lot more committed than what a lot of people in the community would call a casual fighting gamer. But I see your point, and had I had the chance to play those games I'd be definitely way into them as well. But I grew up practically on fighting games, so...

And also, I think there needs to be a distinction between fighting games and beat em ups. Not that your use of the term is incorrect, but I think those two terms have become distinctly separate meanings throughout the years. Beat em ups to me are all about one character fighting off wave after wave of opponents until you reach a boss... stuff like Final Fight, Streets of Rage, etc. Fighting games are primarily seen as one on one. But I digress.

Tom I understand what you're saying about action adventure games like Tomb Raider. I've always wanted to play those... but never having have sight to begin with that was always out of my league. I'm not saying people should buy a console just to play fighting games... that's never been quite what I'm aiming at. There are some beat em ups that are partially playable and that have good stories... heavenly Sword comes to mind on the ps3. And while I can't think of any action adventure games that come to mind which are playable, there are nonetheless some really good ones that I have played that I just enjoy exploring in. This Yakuza series I've been going on about for a while, isn't what I'd call a history buff's version of heaven, but for people who like mystery, crime thrillers and the like such as myself, and people who like the Japanese culture, it's a good buy. And I hear you about Tomb Raider and history... I've always loved history. Ancient history moreso than modern history... I find something about it more appealing. I've never gotten a chance to delve deep into mythology, but I've always wanted to. Egyptian and Greek primarily, though lately I've been reading a bit of chinese and Japanese mythology as well. Fascinating stuff.

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