Again, I think filters and EQ could come in handy here. Chop off the upper few thousand HZ of the spike sound, and you've got a spike beneath you. Leave it alone for the same level, and chop off a bit of it's bassness and you've got one that's above you

By the way, I'm putting out my offer again. If any of you devs need sounds--and I mean high quality sounds, I'd be glad to help. i don't just give you sounds I find on the net, also those can often be a treasure, but I synthesize many sounds, producing strange teleporters, time machines and the like. I mention this because after the final release of Phrase Madness, I don't think I'm going to be programming for a while. I feel very behind the times, and I just don't know if I can learn all the latest, cutting-edge stuff. I was satisfied with VB6 until I began to learn just how faulty the 3d audio component is--the doppler and cone orientations don't work. Then again, this could just be a passing phase, and maybe I'll pick it up again--time will tell. But what I really love doing is "sound sculpting, which is why I make the offer. I can do voice-overs too, but I haven't offered since there are so many hams on list that offer the same. I really wish I could offer music, but it sounds so twangy and off-pitch to me these days that I just haven't touched it, other than adding a bit to Toad's adventures.
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Subject: Re: [Audyssey] Reviewing space in audio

Hi Dark,

Its funny that you brought this topic up as I think you and I have
been thinking on the same wave length lately. I've been considering
this same issue for a number of months, and I agree one thing
accessible games universally lack is realistic and dinamic movement.
In Q9, for example, all you have to do is press the up arrow key and
tap the arrow key x number of times to get over the pit. If I'm not
mistaken Super Liam has this exact jump system as well. The problem
with it is once you remember how many times to tap the arrow key there
is little room for error, and you'll just remember to press up and
right three times or whatever.

As you say more mainstream games like Super Mario don't have it quite
that easy. You really have to time your jumps, figure out where to
jump from, and/or decide to do a running jump, etc. How long you hold
down the jump button on the controller will determine in part how high
and far you can jump. Not only that but there were other factors such
as how big Mario was when jumping. If Mario was shrunk he couldn't
jump as high or as far as he could when normal size or when he was
Super Mario. It is these number of dinamic factors very few accessible
game developers have largely ignored or have failed to consider in
accessible games.

That said, I don't see any reason why we couldn't begin doing this in
accessible games. As I've already mentioned I've been updating
Mysteries of the Ancients to include a more analogue jump system, and
it looks like Philip Bennefall is looking into this as well. So
hopefully a new generation of accessible platformers are about to be
released in the not too distant future.

However, I do agree using sound alone is problematic. It is something
I'm working on, experimenting with, but there really is no easy way to
identify if a row of spikes is above or below you just by sound alone.
You can play around with pitch and things like that, but even then it
can be difficult to figure out which is wich. Plus I've discovered if
you change the pitch too much on certain sounds they just end up
sounding down right weird and that ruins the atmosphere as much as
having a game voice speaking the information. Perhaps mmore so in some

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