Hi Phil,

Smile. You are in luck. As it so happens running jumps have been one
of the requests I've actually gotten around to adding to MOTA in beta
18. If you use shift+control+left arrow or shift+control+right arrow
Angela will run up to a pit, spike trap, etc then jump over it. With
the new jump mechanics in beta 18 you actually do have to figure out
how long to hold the keys down or she'll over jump the trap or not
jump far enough. So part of what you are asking for is being fulfilled
right now in MOTA beta 18.

However, as for speaking you jumped 5 feet, 7 feet, etc I'm with
Philip.  I really don't like games with too much verbosity in them. It
is my personal opinion that a really good accessible game is one that
has enough audio clues or indicators that speech is unnecessary.

For example, one suggestion Dark had is if you are trying to jump a
pit a large pit would sound deeper than a small pit. If you realise
that you can probably figure out if the pit is jumpable or not just by
the sound it makes. Something simple like that would render a command
which says pit 10 feet wide pretty much unnecessary.


On 3/16/11, Phil Vlasak <p...@pcsgames.net> wrote:
> Hi Dark,
> I would like to play a game with a feature such as a running jump.
> For example you have a chasm that is too wide to jump normally from a
> standing  stop at the edge.
> But you could jump it if your were running.
> This would require an auto run feature  so you don't have to hit a key to
> move plus the sound of the edge, preferably wider than one step or a sound
> that rises in pitch as you get closer to the edge.
> Then a jump key to hit when the time is right.
> This would take quite a lot of trial and error to get across safely.
> So some feedback on how far you jumped would be helpful.
> For example you walk to the side of a deep pit and the game says that it is
> eight feet wide.
> You know that you can only jump 5 feet from a standing stop.
> So you run and hit the jump key when you get to the edge, and you end up in
> the pit.
> The game says you jumped 7 feet so you know you missed getting across by 1
> foot.
> A good example of this would be a practice pit that was not too deep so you
> would not get killed if you did not get across.
>  Just like in MOTA the jump could only be successful if you holstered your
> weapon.
> There could also be a timer on how long you held the jump key down so if you
> jumped 10 feet across an 8 foot gap, you would tumble or acquire some damage
> if you over-jumped.
> Phil

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