Hi tom.

Glad to here about the analogue system, but I do take the point regarding pitch only going so far, however there is another fact to considder, namely that of necessary information.

I do not have a wide field of vision, and need to sit fairly close to the tv in order to see anything of a game like marrio, so I am not able to see the hole screen at once.

yet, this isn't an obstacle to me playing sinse for all practical purposes the only relevant information is that immediately around my character.

So, to take the lava pit example, suppose you had a lava pit with several ledges in the middle of it meaning you need to do a number of jumps to get across.

having a hole bunch of dripping ledge sounds would doubtless be rather confusing for the player, however realistically, the only ledges the player needs to actually be focused on are those immediately left and right of his/her character.

Using this principle, you can have as many ledges or ropes as you want, --- especially when you've got a way of checking your coordinates or what room your in, without worry of causing confusion.

The last issue I can see with ledges in a platformer is showing their vertical position relative to the player.

there are two possibilities I can think of to do this.

1, altering the pitch of the dripping water sound according to vertical position, ---- though as you said this might be confusing.

or 2, having a look up and down command which instead of giving you some sort of vocal information, gives you a sound based idea of what is above or below you, ---- and based on the idea of only showing you necessary information, if you here a ledge above you you can jump there.

So, you get to the edge of a pit and here nothing. you hit look up and here a ldripping water ledge sound which shows you that there is a ledge you can jump to above and right.

The same principle could be used for hazards like spikes or flaimes, for instance having the look up command show you a bunch of spikes above you which will skewer you if you jump too high, or a look down command showing you a ledge below you that you can safely fall onto.

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