Hi Thomas,

As I said trucker was the second dos game that I converted to a Windows game.  
At the time I was using VB4.  I dropped a text box on the form and put text to 
it.  When I did, I highlighted the text and held it highlighted for half a 
second.  That was why Jaws saw and read it automatically.  Too bad as I said 
JFW was the only Windows screen reader that did.

I was once asked what I thought was one special thing about my games.  And I 
answered that I have always had built in review keys.  Mostly I use the 
function keys f1 through f12.  Like in hangman it will pronounce the letters 
and spaces etc.  And in my baseball game they speak things such as the inning, 
ball and strike count, score etc.  So that is one way around the sapi5 option 
not having the text on the screen to review with the screen reader.  You just 
build it into the game.  I even did that back in the dos games.  In those I 
just rewrote the text on the screen and all of the dos screen readers spoke it.

That is a puzzler about Phillip and the Neo Speech voices.  I have always used the 
same sapi5 code and it works for all of my AT&T, Microsoft, ScanSoft, Cepstral 
and Neo Speech voices.

Isn't that funny that people thing that the sapi5 voices come with the games?



"Toto, I don't think we're in DOS anymore..."

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