Hi Jim,

Yeah, I've always wondered why some people are under the illusion that
some Sapi voices ship with the game. Of course, a person can, if they
wish, bundle a setup of Mike, Mary, and Sam with their installs but
they can't legally do that for anything else unless they have a
distribution right. Technically, I'm not suppose to record voice clips
of commercial Sapi voices but I currently do. I'm still debating how
to handle that sticky issue. I figure before I release MOTA 1.0 I'll
have to remove the voice clips and turn on the Sapi support in G3D

However, it is kind of funny, I don't remember which list it was on,
but this gguy ask me how to install the voice for MOTA so he could use
it with Jaws. I'm like "what? It is just a bunch of wav files I
recorded using Acapela Heather." Apparently he wasn't aware I was only
using voice samples of a Sapi voice and believed he had the real thing
installed on his system.

Anyway, I understand what you are saying about the review keys and
that's not quite what I meant. Yes, your review keys are helpful,
downright necessary in most games, but that doesn't work in
triditional text adventure games whare you must absolutely know the
correct spelling of words to type the commands.

For instance, let's say you are playing a space adventure. Let's just
say Star Trek for example. You have to go to the Klingon homeworld
Qo'nos. Now, I already know no Sapi voice will say that word
correctly, and the spelling is weird. You need to physically review
the screen and have it spell out q o apostrophy n o s. So you can type
a command like
"ggoto Qo'nos"
into the game. Sapi voices alone often fail to work in those games
because short of building in a screen reader into the game its pretty
hard to look up spellings on the fly. About the best you can do is
have a cheat sheet  of commands or spellings open in Notepad to lookup
words you might not know how to spell.

As for the Neospeech voices as I told Philip I think it has something
to do with the C++ implamentation of Sapi. Back when I was using C#
.Net and Visual Basic .Net for my games I had no such issues with
Neospeech Kate or Paul either. However, when I was testing G3D after I
added Sapi 5 support those voices didn't work right. I thought it was
my own mistake, thought it was a bug in my code, but now that Philip
too has this problem with BGT there is something wrong with the Sapi 5
SDK for C++ developers I think.


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