Hi Tom.

You are indeed right, and were you making a game based on Dr. who or tolkien which are! major interests of mine I'd be the first to insist on canonical details, and while I'm probably more casual about startrek I do appreciate the correctness of a game like final conflict.

however, sinse this is! a sports sim, and each wrestler or wrestling federation is at rock bottom (ha ha), only a name and set of statistics, there really is no reason why the engine couldn't be created to do both by simply customizing wrestler names.

Look at Jim's baseball game as an example. someone who was a big baseball fan could write in team and player names correct to real baseball teams and players, where as someone like myself can simply modify the names and such according to personal amusement.

in fact on one occasion I had the 10 doctors vs Hogwarts, and having the fifth doctor batting against harry potter was rather amusing! ;D.

Add in a few extra stats for strength, power, pluss descriptions of signature moves and you have a wrestling sim, whether you want the champion of your federation to be hulk hogan with power 10, staminer 10 and speed 10 and the big boot, or bob the batlin gold fish with the same stats and the fishtank splash.

eitherway, you've got your champion wrestler.

on the self voicing issue, personally the only difference I find betwene sapi and Hal is that with Hal I may need to manually read the text where as with sapi it's read to me by the program.

If the program requires timed reading of the text and input, such as lone wolf or playing a mud, I therefore much prefer sapi sinse oddes are though Hal will read it I don't want the extra reading time factored in, but if there is no time limit I don't tend to worry too much.

This is why I've used Hal to play many text games from world of legends to anything written in tads, and indeed as a suplimentary reading method in winfrotz tts after sapi has read the entire prompt.

I suppose sapi is sort of lazier on my part, but that's about it ;D.

Beware the grue!


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