Hi Thomas,
It all depends really on personal preference. In my opinion, some of those games are quite good. I don't know what people think of River Raiders, I know I play it nearly every day, I find it quite addictive, and I would suggest that the few who regularly post to my scoreboard finds the same enjoyment in it for them. But certainly some of the other projects are ok. There are only one or two projects out of the approximate dozen that were released that I feel would not bring as much public enjoyment without at least some expansion, which I am assisting some of the newby developers to do. I myself play quite a lot of them, and although they are mainly rainy day games that aren't as complicated as Judgment Day or even Troopanum, I still find quite a lot of enjoyment in them. Yes, some of them can be quite buggy, but I try not to let that get in the way of my enjoyment of it. There are not a lot of serious developers like you, Che, Philip and David around. As far as I am aware David is very well educated in maths and science as well as software development. Most of these people though, have had an average education and are struggling to come up with concepts and ideas alone. This is why I try and give as much assistance as is in my power to those developers who are starting out, free of charge, rather than being judgmental and botching their hopes and ideas. I'm not necessarily saying you are being judgmental, but I have seen quite a lot of undue complaint in the community. This game is bad, there's no replay value, etc, rather than giving constructive criticisms as to what can be done better. Whether amateur or professional, these developers are quite proud of what they are achieving and I feel they should be given the respect they are due as developers, and as far as I am concerned, they should be given more respect because of the fact that they can find bags of time to sit down and learn a scripting language for the purpose of carrying out one of the costliest exercises that can ever be imagined, i.e. developing for such a small-packed, tightly knitted community like the audiogaming market. The only way I believe audiogames can become as complicated as they used to be, is by collaborating on projects as me and a few other potential start-outs are attempting to do now. That way everybody can learn from everybody else's skills in a working environment, like Justin and Dan did, and then branch out independently to make their own projects. My views and opinions may sound far fetched and unrealistic, but I've generally found them to be more effective in my seven years experience of software development than expecting them to learn and work alone without the support of their community base, the result being that they generally get downhearted and decide it's not worth their time or energy.
I'll get off my soapbox now. Smile.

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Hi Shaun,

Yes, but the general quality of those games have gone down. What i
mean by that is now that BGT has been released a lot of new game
developers are trying to produce games, but a lot of what I've seen
from them are a bunch of amateur practice games. Nothing really
skillfully written which is to be expected from people just starting
out. I'm not saying this to be negative, rude, etc but I think that
some of the new amateur games should have been simply private affairs
rather than public releases since they are proof of concepts rather
than games. I won't name names or their projects as I don't want to
hurt anyones feelings, but I think some of the new BGT developers
should wait until they have enough skills under their belt to produce
something a little more complete I guess is the word for it.


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