Hi Damien,

You are right. What all of this does come down to is personal
preference.  Which is always  what is the real issue   behind the
arguments being made here on list.  My preferences obviously aren't
the same as Jim, Jeremy, etc and my reasons for not using VB 6 are
more valid  taken in my personal context rather than theirs.

Fir instance, you said you didn't like Windows Vista. Since the user
interface in Windows 7 is exactly the same as Vista I doubt you would
like it any better. As for myself I like the U.I. changes in Windows 7
over XP, but there are things I don't like such as the 3d arrow
interface that eats 1 GB of ram and slows a 3.6 GHZ  system way down
to the speed of perhaps a 1 GHZ system just to run all that extra
graphical animations and so on. So while I do like the changes in U.I.
I certainly don't appreciate giving over more ram and processor power
to run it though.  Weather Windows 7 is better or worse than XP is
purely a matter of point of view.

On 6/9/11, Damien C. Pendleton <dam...@x-sight-interactive.net> wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> It's all just a matter of personal preference, in my opinion. Computers
> aren't half as fun without any games. To be honest I'm not a big Windows fan
> myself, but it's what I'm used to and have been brought up with. After
> playing with a copy of Vinux and a friend's Mac I came to the conclusion
> that I'd be better sticking with Windows. Not only from a games point of
> view, but interfaces, development, familiarity etc. Even after playing
> around with a Vista computer I didn't like that as much as XP. I can't speak
> for Windows 7 since I have never tried it, but if a game that I spent a lot
> of time playing didn't work on Windows 7 I wouldn't even consider upgrading.
> Most of my days are spent playing if not making games, therefore I'd be lost
> if I upgraded and a game didn't work as expected. Just because I make my own
> games doesn't mean that I'm going to stop playing games that Liam, Justin,
> David, Phil etc have come out with just because they use VB6 or an old
> language that only supports old systems. I'd rather have as many games to
> play as possible than forfeit them just because I may want to upgrade to a
> better system. Now if a game was updated and for whatever reason it didn't
> support XP, then I may have to purchase a second machine to run Windows 7
> just so that I can play that game. But I would probably use my XP machine as
> my main one, at least until I got fully accustomed to my Windows 7 one and I
> was sure that all my favourite games would work on it.
> Regards,
> Damien.

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