Hi Che,

I don't know if you are aware of this but Android is actually a Linux
varient. So when you say us Linux users are dreamers, doesn't have
mass apeal, and then announce that we all could be using Android in a
few years you are defeating your own argument since Android is a
mobile version of Linux designed for Android phones.  Besides that
Linux is showing up in all kinds of devices cell phones, your Play
Station III, on network servers, some Del netbooks, etc. So regardless
what you say  Linux does have mass apeal and support for Linux is
growing. Especially, in the handheld devices market. The success of
Android, which is based on Linux technology, proves the success of
Linux in the mainstream market.

The one thing I do agree with you on that Android phones, IPhones,
IPods, etc have become extremely popular, and it would not surprise me
in the least if tomorrows computers are no bigger than a cell phone
and they run a mobile version of Linux like Android or Apples IOS.
Which of course will only prove my point that developing games based
on Windows 98 era programming languages, tools, and libraries probably
is not a good idea given that Android, IOS, etc is probably in our
future. In either case you are right for the moment though a person
should do what makes them happy regardless of what I say or anyone
else says.


On 6/9/11, Che <blindadrenal...@gmail.com> wrote:
>    Amen to charles on that one.
>    also, keep in mind you can still play DOS stuff on win 7 if I'm not
> badly mistaken.
>    I remember playing Zork on xp a few years ago, as long as there is a
> demand for emulators out there, we could be playing Jim's life right up
> until the end of ours.
>    On the OS front, all this talk of linux versus macs versus windows
> etc. seems to be missing something.  How long before android becomes the
> operating system for not just your phone, but your main computer, which
> may actually end up being your phone, your car, your fridge, etc.
>    One way or the other, the days of expensive operating systems for
> home users are numbered as everything moves to the cloud, and those that
> think linux is coming out on top of that battle are dreaming the big
> dream as well.  Linux is not going to gain mass appeal, but look how
> quickly iOS and android have spread. when something gets that ubiquitous
> that fast, and folks get used to it, its position is sealed for a long
> time to come.
>    Already, the teenagers in my family can fly on android and iOS, get
> what they want done on it, and don't bother that much with the desktops
> at all.  Their digital world is android and iOS, and windows, Mac OS
> etc. is becoming an after thought. just a matter of time before these
> free OS' take over, and with the power and money google and apple have,
> you can bet they will be pushing the demise of windows hard.
>    and yes, i know android has a long way to go, ditto for iOS before
> being able to do all we want as a computer system, especially the
> accessible stuff, but you can bet your bottom dollar a large chunk of
> folks will be running android or a variant of it on their main systems
> before the decade is out.
>    so to that end, you guys abandoning windows and going with linux are
> in the same boat as everyone else, the only difference is your efforts
> will probably have a shorter shelf life than anything jim has put out,
> barring the ocasional ports and emulations on next gen operating systems.
>    having said all that, i've spent considerable time and efort on my
> games for windows, and i'm confident there are quite a few years of
> enjoyment to be had from them in the accessible community.
>    bottom line, nobody is getting rich off accessible games, if you want
> to program them in vb 6, or aim them at macs and linux, or whatever, as
> long as your enjoying it, go for it, and don't let anyone else throw a
> wet blanket on what your doing. the digital landscape is covered in ice,
> who knows for sure where we're headed, but there is no point in slamming
> anyone else for how they choose to bring their digital creations into
> this world, we need all the creative minds we can get in the accessible
> gaming community, thats the important part, not the tools your using.
>    Later,
>    Che, AKA The Swami

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