Version 1.4b has been posted.  This one has Jaws support, an ability for people 
to test out the French and Russian translations while I continue to work with 
those, and finally a new way to select jobs for your people that is Much! 

If you are a Jaws user, press Tab to finally get rid of the Sapi voice you hate 
so much!  haha.

While a person is selected, hold control, and press the letter your desired job 
begins with.  For example, pressing B will assign this person to be a builder, 
pressing B again will choose baker, and it will continue cycling through jobs 
that begin with B.

I'm still working on getting the game truly ready for translations, but in the 
mean time everyone can check out the French and Russian translations provided 
by Florie Bert, and Stacy from klango.  Here is how you can use them.  In your 
castaways directory, you will see French.txt and Russian.txt.  Pick the one you 
want to try, and rename it language.txt.  That's all!  Just start up the game 
and it should be presented to you in that language.  Keep in mind that the 
mission 2 stuff was added after the translators began working, so you will 
encounter a few messages that will remain English for now.  When you want to go 
back to using English in the game, just rename the language.txt file back to 
whatever it was originally.

The readme.txt file, Buildingguide.txt, and jobs guide.rtf files have also all 
been updated.

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