Hi Dark,

I think what Mich is talking about here is the newer real time roll
playing games for the PC and other game consoles where you have real
time movement etc much like an FPS game, but you can compete and play
out a number of quests online via a dedicated game server or play solo
on your game console.  Something like Star Wars Old Republic, for
example, is probably more like what Mich is talking about here.

In a game like Star Wars Old Republic you play the game as though it
were a third-person action shooter, but it is a roll playing game with
hundreds of quests or missions that can be played out solo or online
via a dedicated server. Like a text based rpg you can select a race,
job class, name of character, and home world to start off from, but
the style of game play is more like a third-person game all in real
time with audio, 3d graphics, and so on.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that FPS games have evolved
away from games like Quake and Doom, and FPS and TPS style games, are
more like RPGs with hundreds of missions/quests, the custom character
creation, and the old text based RPGs like sryth can't hold a candle
to them. FPS games and your text based RPG games have all been rolled
into one thing these days.


On 8/5/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Mich.
> i'm slightly confused, sinse you mention both online fps games involving
> quests, such as unreal tournament (though i believe that is mostly coop and
> pvp battles rather than actual quests), and games like Eamon which is purely
> text based.
> About the first, the answer is no, not yet.
> As to the second however, there are lots of brouser based and mud based
> online text games where you can play with other people, such as Sryth, core
> exiles, alterean, materiamagica, new worlds ateraan etc.
> just check on audiogames.net for the brouser based games, and use one of the
> mud connector sites for the mud games, though i'd strongly recommend
> alterean sinse with it's soundpack it's really more of an audio game than a
> text based one.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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