To be honest sean, I'm afraid I really don't see your problem with using virtual focus.

it really doesn't make too much diffeerence imho slipping into vf and reading the last sent text (usually ctrl up arrow is enough),and having the text read to you.

The only time I've found it necessary to have text actually read as it appears is with muds sinse obviously there the time taken to read the text matters.

I've used this method to play lots of interactive fiction with various interpreters, (in fact even with the win frotz tts I stil keep Hal running as a backup and way of reviewing text), lots of doss games like fallthru, bramina drone etc and of course the eamon stuff.

Myself, while I have no objection to typing in commands doss style, i don't really see this as an advantage, in fact the number of possible commands in if is imho a disadvantage to puzle solving sinse I've seen far too many guess the verb situations (the principle reason why I don't play if anymore myself).

And if there is to be a limited set of commands, there is no need to type them in full.

Beware the gRue!


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