Hi Dark,

Right. A text format is definitely the universal constant when it
comes to maximum accessibility for blind and sighted gamers. Thanks to
the classic Infocom text adventures and on line RPG gamebooks like
Sryth I've grone to be quite a fan of text based game play myself, and
of course as you say there is a pretty healthy following of mainstream
gamers who still play text games. Plus as a rule text based games are
fairly simple in design, and for that reason they can be played on
Mac, Linux, and Windows PCs without all the complex dependencies  that
goes with a more complex game like Mysteries of the Ancients.

Its for reasons like that why I still haven't settled on a specific
design for my own RPG games. I have lots of good story ideas for an
RPG, but it is the technical/design aspect that has me wondering on
how to do it. Part of the problem with having taken lots of CS
courses, learning several programming languages, is that I'm presented
with too many choices and options.

First, you've got your on line gamebook/RPG adventure like Sryth. A
project like that probably uses html for the basic web pages, a
scripting language like php or Perl for the actual game coding, and
some SQL using a MySQL database for storing account information and
game stats.

Second, you have your server based game. A developer like myself
writes a game, places it on a server, and then creates a client that
logs in and plays it.

Finally, there is the stand alone game written in C++, Java, Python,
C@#.net, or VB.net  that is the same basic game but in a single player
form that is downloaded to the PC.

All of these are good choices, but the way the internet is growing I
think an on line game would probably make more money than an off line
game would. People are funny about paying say $20 for a stand alone
text based RPG that they download to their computer, but wouldn't
think anything of slapping down $20 for a years subscription to an on
line RPG like Sryth even though the off line and on line game are
identical. Go figure.


On 8/8/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> When my phd is finished, that's actually one of the things I think I'd
> considder learning to do, sinse it's something I've always wanted to see,
> and gamebooks are very popular at the moment.
> I like the sapi program idea, though my concern is including and making it
> accessible to sited players, which would obviously involve  readable text at
> least, and maybe one or two static images the way Sryth has, eg, a dropdown
> menue of directions, but with pointing arrow graphics.
> As I said earlier, there is evidence that many people are playing gamebooks,
> text games like Sryth, muds (even those without a gui), asci graphic games
> like rogue and angband and of course net rpgs like Sryth.
> that however would be my conern with a downloadable program, sinse it's not
> as immediate to other people as a mud or text game, but obviously this is a
> debate we've already had.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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