Steady, thanks for catching that bug for me.  Lumberjacks are Supposed! to act 
the same as stone masons once the resources are gone on the map.  I've put that 
on my list of things to fix.

I believe you have the right idea about raiding the enemy in mission 3.  While 
their total army is still relatively small, sending your own will mean they 
can't send as much to attack you.  Once they finally grow large enough, killing 
several of their soldiers won't affect their next raid attack if they still 
have 5 of everything left after you killed some.  Once it reaches that point, I 
also switch over to total defense.

Very nicely done sir!

> Again, I had some thoughts and
> questions of what if I do this, what if i do that, so I try
> them out and here are more discoveries.
> I had save games on mission 1 and 3 just before they are
> completed and I closed the ship and last catapult so the
> game won't end and I can play around.
> Mission 1 on easy: I first make sure my settlement is safe
> from goblins, more than enough supply of food and got my
> population to 100.
> Discoveries, I think about 5 knights will do the trick but
> slightly more will be better in case of any injurys. If
> there are no more stones on the map, stone masons will get
> stones from outside the territory, but is not the case for
> lumberjacks. If all the forests become scattered trees, the
> lumberjacks who are out cutting trees will never return, but
> the cutest thing is...they can still stretch their hands
> long enough back to the tavern to get food. haha! The way I
> got those people back is to let them die of starvation and
> have new children. In such a large population when there are
> many things happening on 1 single click, I noticed that the
> messages showing is quite behind time.
> Mission 3 on easy: Even easy difficulty is hard!!! Hard
> difficulty...I have not even attempted. haha!
> Ok, I have a population of 32 at the point when my last
> catapult have enough resources. I raided with 5 knights, 5
> rangers and 5 pikemen a couple of times.
> Discoveries about raiding, There will be 3 to 5 killed and
> few more injured each time. I think is worth it at the
> beginning as the enemy  troop raids are weakened. but
> towards the later stages, I feel that it hurts more than
> help. My raids don't seem to have any effect on them and I
> weaken my own power. The enemy will still send their full
> power of 5 each over. Or defending is a better strategy?
> Next thing to try is to also have 5 cavalrys and 5 soldiers,
> but...I wonder if I can hold on long enough to get them up.
> Somehow, I feel that there are more injuries in this
> version than the previous versions especially at the
> beginning stages of the game. I am forced to get my hospital
> and textile up early. haha!
> 锦发/Steady Goh

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