Hi tom.

the mathematical point is absolutely true about 3D games, and also games
that simulate any sort of physics, such as sports, racing or flight sim titles.

However, from what I've gathered it should stil be possible (especially with
bgt that handles a lot of the variables as standard maths), to create
something relatively detailed without going into that sort of thing.

For instance, eventually I'd love to write my own turn based, textual rpg with exploration and a detailed combat system (I already have a system in mind in fact). In a system such as D&D, all the calculations are essentially to do with probability and randomness, and most could be pretty easily understood, indeed sinse D&D is a tabletop system, the calculations have to be easy enough for gms' and players to make on the fly during a game.

the most complex thing involved would be the ai of computer opponents, but if I understood coorectly this could be worked out by a simple series of if/then statements, eg, if player enters the staggered condition, vampire will attempt to grapple, and if grappled vampire will attempt suck blood on the next turn.

Even a 2D map entombed style with locations to search, objects to find etc shouldn't be too hard to work out sinse your only dealing with a lot of objects that change coordinates and initiate actions at various points.

I admit that as a relatively experienced rpg nut, I probably have an advantage here in viewing systems, stil, it might be good if some developers with bgt thought numbers first reaction later, sinse it's far easier to create an interesting game by simple number fiddling than it is to create a real time game without the maths and angle calculation to back it up.

I also will confess, I'm a great believer in the philosophy, if you really want to learn something you can!

to illustrate, I have no desire whatsoever to learn to speak italian, stil less German. However once I am required to sing in either language, sinse I want to do a good job and have clear words, i've had to learn a fair degree of pronunciation, and indeed will probably do an Italian speaking course at some point just to make certain i'm understandable (unclear singers who just fudge their way through all the words are a dislike).

This is a case where something I wish to do, namely sing requires this knolidge, so I'll learn it!

If I go into programming, well it'll be time to grapple with the mathematics, should I wish to create something that requires it, sinse I would much rather spend my btime learning the necessary information to do what I want, than try and fudge my way through without it.

this is indeed why i always insist on a phonetic translation of whatever I'm singing and a word by word account so that i can get the emphasis right, and also why I would spend my time learning the correct matheematics if I decided to try making for example a 2D platform game.

Beware the grue!


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