Hi Shaun,

Well, I don't put release dates on anything because I know I can't
meet that deadline. I know my schedule is rather hectic and things
always come up to delay development. Just this year I had two deaths
in the family, was sick twice for several weeks on end, plus other
personal emergencies came up which took a front seat in terms of
priorities. As a result if I set dates and constantly broke them
people would be very upset with me, begin calling me a liar, and there
are some very vain individuals in this community who would be willing
to crucify me for it. So I don't promise anything I can't deliver.
That's good business sense as far as I can see.

As far as preorders goes I think we can still do it provided it is
handled differently. For instance, James North began taking preorders
for Raceway, Montezuma's Revenge, and Max Shrapnal before he even
began programming the game. Well, the problem there is its hard to set
a release date when its going to take at least six months to a year to
produce the game, and if a developer sets a release date it may not
necessarily take account of unexpected delays between start time and
release. A bad way to handle preorders in my opinion.

A better way of handling it is to write the game in advance, maybe
have a fully working beta, and take preorders when there is more or
less a decent demo or fully operational program to actually sell. If
the game needs sounds, music, whatever that can be added after the
preorders start coming in rather than paying upfront for those things
before the game is developed. This way there is going to be a quick
turn around time for the final release rather than months or years of
development time between preorder and release.


On 11/19/11, shaun everiss <sm.ever...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Well I also aggree.
> With all the hooha over preorders and other release dates and things
> of that nature loads of devs are scared to put any date on anything.
> As a result apart from the lose hacker groups on the audiogames forum
> most of the major devs are silent for months even years.
> What aprone is doing isn't perfect, in fact as a game related thing
> its quite short and crappy.
> However its testing concepts which is good.
> Although his games are quite simple we are at least moving the
> framework foreward for bits and bobs and building things up from the
> simple crappy projects to good ones and fully community driven to.
> And in the mean time we are testing things such as online chat,
> multiplayer and other things which I forget.

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