Hi Dark,

I think you are right on the money there. One of the problems is
programming skill. Most people here don't have any formal programming
training and thus sort of program as they figure things out or get a
leg up from a slightly more experienced programmer. As a direct result
of that many first attempts will be something rather simple like
BopIt, Space Invaders,or something similarly easy to program without a
lot of skill.

The second issue is higher level math skills. Depending on the type of
game being considered it may require a reasonable amount of higher
math.  Doing complex 3d calculations, for example, will require some
reasonable skills with geometry, trig, and better yet calculus. If the
developer doesn't have that kind of background certaintypes of games
will be out of the person's technical skill level.

Finally, the issue of time. You and I have have spoken many times of
how complex mainstream games like Megaman and Castlevania are, but you
have any concept how long it would take a single developer to add all
those features? It could take considerable time figuring out how to
create those types of puzzle elements and also make sure it is fully
accessible. Its complex enough to slow down development and some
people might not want to spend the time it takes to do all that.

Bottom line, what I am saying is while Jeremy's ideas are good you've
got a point. Jeremy or anyone else can demonstrate cool game concepts
all day long but if other developers don't have the required skills or
time in the first place its a pretty mute point. There isn't much
anyone can do to make them try something else.


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