The weapon range problem is a bug that I'm just now testing the fix for.  The 
game was measuring the ranges in a different scale than tiles, but I put in the 
numbers meaning for them to be measured in tiles.  So stupid mistake on my 
part, lol.

The sluggishness is a result of the extra 100 zombies in the map.  I'm working 
on some ways to correct that, but it seems somewhere between 50 and 150 several 
people's computers reached a point with a noticeable difference in performance. 
 For me, I noticed it only when I had 200 zombies which is why I kept it at 150 
for the update release.  I'm fairly certain I can get performance back up to 
where it was, or perhaps even better, I just need a little time.

The difficulty is something that was hard to balance without real people 
populating the server.  As people play over the next day or two, I'll get a 
much better idea of how to tweak things.  A multiplayer map that's overly hard 
for 1 person becomes super easy when you have a dozen armed players mowing down 
the undead.  This means I'll have to figure out the new normal and try to make 
adjustments to match it.

> Well? Here's what I think so
> far.  With the range on the weapons it's much
> harder to target.  You end up wasting ammo because
> with the footsteps being
> louder it's hard to tell if a zombie is in range of your
> gun.  The game
> seems sluggish now for some reason.  I've only been
> playing for a few
> minutes now and keep dyeing without getting very far. 
> I think it needs a
> little more balancing.
> I will keep playing and trying to get better, but right off
> the bat, I'm not
> too happy with this version at least from the stand point
> that Can't stay
> alive long enough to rack up anything.
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