Actually that is backwards.  The weapon ranges will be increased to at least 
match the audible range of zombies.  Most guns will even fire a little farther 
than you can hear.

> Let me understand this clearly. 
> You intend that we not be able to hear
> zombies that are beyond our weapons range, meaning that
> what we hear will
> depend upon what we have equipped?  That seems
> problematic from a realism
> perspective, and with the axe/chain saw seems also
> problematic from the
> perspective of the game.  How about having a command
> to estimate the range
> to the target most nearly centered, which won't report a
> range if the weapon
> is out of range, but we still hear the zombies at all
> ranges.  Shift-t
> perhaps?
>     Chris Bartlett

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