I completely agree that the issues of panning and such for the hearing
impaired are important. I'm also trying to work on solutions in my titles.
However, I don't believe that a game should be made harder for those who
aren't good at games. The whole point of playing, in my opinion, is to
overcome a challenge. Being an invincible hero gets old pretty fast.
If a game is too hard, practice. If it's still too hard, play something
I don't mean to sound like I'm coming down on you, Johnny, because that's
not my intent. But this argument crops up on list from time to time, and I
think it's a big part of the reason our games are the way they are.
Back in my mainstream title days, I can remember renting a game for weekends
on end in order to complete it. I would buy a game for $50, then play it for
a solid month before I was able to finish it. When I bought my first audio
game--Grizzly Gulch--I paid $50, then beat it in under 12 hours, and part of
that 12 hours was because I slept.
This could easily spawn its own thread--and well it might--but the point I'm
driving at is that games should be harder, not easier, and Swamp is no

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While a challenging game's all good and fun, and I do agree, death has to
mean something, but there has to be a balance- for those who are, 1: 
Gaming-challenged. and 2: Got a hearing issue as several of us do and have
no solution yet. I know Jeremy said he's working on the 2nd, but in the mean
time, it's a practice in frustration to be wacked off everytime you start to
get somewhere.
I'm actually doing alright at the moment, but that's by playing extremely
cheap- staying enar the safe zone, everytime my health goes near 50% I run
for home and log back in... This is the only way I can find so far to be
able to save a bit of loot and not die every 3 minutes.
Before you say it, yes I know it's very cheap, and I hate playing chicken-
but I can't find any other way atm, what with the bugs and such, to play
this without wanting to smash the mouse 100 times and over lol.

Another point, the "being realistic" argument doesn't really jive- first of
all, we're fighting...zombies...it's already not realistic. And secondly, if
you want this to be "realistic" then you'd die from 2 or 3 zombie bites-
infection, bleeding, etc, and not be in there swinging that axe like Conan
the barbarian.

Games like Resident Evil and many others at least offer you lockers/item
boxes where you can go to store backup items in- so when you die, you just
lose things you gain after last time you save.
So no, it's not a blind gamer thing, maybe you can chuck it up to some
people just don't like the stress as much as some others.

My suggestion for making this a bit more sane is:
1: Maybe a locker/saving system scattered throughout the map, so you don't
hav eto hug the safe zone in fear of losing everything you gained the last
2: Need mroe healing options... In my 200 kills and about 500 deaths and
over 6 hours play time, I've ever only found 3 med kitts- and with the
little amount each restore, it's really not enough- considering I've found
no armor yet- the only 3 pieces I found went bye bye when a group of zombies
greeted me inside a doorway. The zombies do alot of damage- especially a
tyrant, I got caught by one and before I could kill it, it left me at 35%
health and no med kitt.

All that being said, it's a kick ass game, and I've no doubt that once the
bugs are gone, things will even out for everyone- the new patch already
solve the zombie-gangbang issue for me and makes this 20 times more
enjoyable than a day ago.

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