Hi Chris,

I here you there. Everyone knows dying in a game sucks, but let's get
real. Dying in a game should have consiquences and shouldn't mean you
just respaun and pick up from where you left off. I've played many
games where I have died litterally on the last level fighting the big
boss, and have ended up having to start clear back at the start of the
game. That seriously bites, but I also had many hours of fun playing
and replaying those games trying to beat them. Is it my imagination or
are blind gamers just absolutely lazy?


On 11/26/11, Christopher Bartlett <themusicalbre...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Ok, possibly unpopular point of view here.  What the hell is the point of
> playing a game you can't lose and have that loss mean something?  If death
> isn't going to make you lose rep and experience, and now you don't want it
> to make you lose equipment either, then, what?  Dying is impolite and you
> shouldn't do it, like burping at the table?  Where are the consequences?
>       Chris Bartlett, who's cheerfully lost several hours of equipment
> gathering and doesn't think it unfair.

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