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> Andrew:
> Why don't you just get to the issue.  You chose to piss on project your
> not involved with, not interested in, and not even tracking.  From this
> position, you chose to criticise both the project and me personally.
> Presumably you did this for some reason that you feel is justified.  I
> think you choice of phrase could have much more creative, yes, even
> constructive. 
> Not withstanding, let's not fall back on Howard as the standing excuse!
> So get to the point - explain to me why you fell "Avalon" is so threatening.

Perhaps you missed that part of my message.  I'll repeat the most important
parts of it for your convenience:

I prefer to see Hivemind established as a community (as far as I know Howard
is the only member of the community ATM) before exploring as you say.  I see
no reason to deprive Howard of the opportunity to establish Hivemind and
build a community. 

The truth is that the Avalon "brand" is nothing to be sought while Jakarta
is.  Being consumed by Avalon will, of course, make building a community
more difficult.  While Hivemind is a virgin idea that needs community
building, and is not ready for Jakarta -- it is surely not ready for Avalon

As for you, I find your need to hold a dual personal discussion distasteful
if not duplicitous as I stated already and this is the reason I feel
justified in questioning your intentions.  Perhaps you can offer guidance on
why my feelings on this matter were not clear enough?  Feel free to mail
them to the list rather than to me personally.  I monitor the
[EMAIL PROTECTED] list fairly regularly and thus you can be assured that I'll
see it.

Thus the intended content of my original message is unchanged:

1. Howard should be encouraged to found the HiveMind community as he sees
fit within the normal social boundries (he's not getting a jakarta
subproject until its ready and he'll be forced into the incubator quagmire
to get there until enough people realize the incubator is a bad idea)
2. HiveMind should not be forced to combine with Avalon
3. Avalon should not be forced to be subservient to HiveMind
4. Live and let live
5. communication regarding Jakarta should be open and on the lists

I thought it was pretty clear from the start, but I guess I failed to
communicate it clearly enough.

> Stephen.

Andrew C. Oliver
Custom enhancements and Commercial Implementation for Jakarta POI

For Java and Excel, Got POI?

The views expressed in this email are those of the author and are almost
definitely not shared by the Apache Software Foundation, its board or its
general membership.  In fact they probably most definitively disagree with
everything espoused in the above email.

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