>> I say
>> that Howard Lewis Ship is a skilled coder and community builder and if he
>> wants to give it a try with HiveMind, while the topic bores me personally,
>> I'll give him my support.  If he does want to collaborate with the
>> Avalonites (Avaloners?) then he should be encouraged to do so; however, if
>> his approach is different enough to warrant its own show then I encourage
>> him to do that as well.  I trust his judgment to that effect.
> Personally - I'm interested in getting some feedback from Howard on a
> number of question I've posted to him on this list and remain hopeful
> that he or other members of the HiveMind team will leverage the pool of
> opinions and talent over on Avalon - as a mutually interesting exercise
> (just as members of that same pools are interested in leveraging the
> content and knowlege from the HiveMind team).  As far as I can se the
> question of collaboration remains completely open - after all - no
> discussion has taken place todate either here on over on avalon.
> I think  it would be good to at least do some exploration of mutual
> interests - don't you?

I feel a Jon coming on.  "Your itch not mine" -- However, after your private
rants to (at?) me I kind of doubt how genuine this much more eloquent email
is.  In truth, a rather virgin Hivemind would (ironically considering the
name) be consumed by Avalon rather than affecting Avalon.  You may find
emailing me personally to be rather disappointing as I say pretty much the
same things though sometimes more succinctly.  Personally, I feel your
effort is more likely intent to prevent an alternative to Avalon.

I prefer to see Hivemind established as a community (as far as I know Howard
is the only member of the community ATM) before exploring as you say.  I see
no reason to deprive Howard of the opportunity to establish Hivemind and
build a community. 

I do however apologize for attributing the email containing the following
statement to you.  It was actually from Danny Angus, however the sentiment
appears to coincide with yours wouldn't you agree?

"The danger of having an Avalon alternative @jakarta is that it will be seen
by people as somehow being Jakarta's favoured solution, rather than as one
of two (or more) alternatives promoted by Avalon.
If you see what I mean."

The truth is that the Avalon "brand" is nothing to be sought while Jakarta
is.  Being consumed by Avalon will, of course, make building a community
more difficult.  While Hivemind is a virgin idea that needs community
building, and is not ready for Jakarta -- it is surely not ready for Avalon
either.  I would be against its entry into Jakarta ATM (and I doubt Howard
would propose it).  However, I think it is ripe for foundry at jakarta
commons or some place appropriate for starting a community.  Obviously it
should be watched for eventual entry as a Jakarta project.  Howard is
obviously now qualified to sponsor it in the incubator himself (as I've
pretty much vowed never to incubate anything ever again, I'd rather focus my
efforts outside of Apache than go through that quagmire of bureaucratic
procedure again**).

I do not see a reason while my stating this creates the level of personal
angst for you that it more obviously did in your private mails to me nor do
I see the need for the duplicity of posting a more frank and angry mail to
me followed by one also on the list.  I really don't have time for two
threads and am rather conceptually against the idea.  Though I suppose I
could combine my replies on-list if you prefer.


** Although what a certain person did to avoid it was wrong although I can't
say anything about it as I don't think it was on the public list although it
damn well should have been.
> Stephen.
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