On Friday 05 March 2010 17:12:23 Roy Bamford wrote:

> That's not a new install as per the handbook. Neither are you a new
> user as you have a premade make.conf and world file and some experience
> with Gentoo.
> Put yourself in the place of a brand new Gentoo user doing his/her
> first install.
> It needs to just work out of the box, one way or another, without
> forums posts or calls for help in #gentoo about circular dependences.
> That's not just cups - thats all circular dependencies.

Brand new gentoo user goes throu handbook -> reads "set up USE variables in 
make.conf" and does it according to his/her needs following use.*.desc. If 
gentoo was new to me i *would* enter cups as i use printers often at work.

Dawid Węgliński

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