On Wed, Jan 19, 2000 at 10:28:27PM -0800, Cesar Crusius wrote:
> > > Hi! I have a system where svgalib doesn't work very well, and I use the
> > > console a lot. In fact, I only use X (XGGI) to read dvi & ps files. Is there
> > > any ghostscript ggi driver on the plans? Anybody working or thinking on
> > > working on a dvi viewer (hacks on tmview, for example?)

On my outdated laptop, I use GS to create bit-map files, and a very basic
anti-aliasing zooming PBM-viewer to display them (which I wrote).  This is
based on SVGALIB, so it should work under emulation with GGI (?right?).
It's not as painful as it sounds, even on a 486.  I can send the source if
you're interested.

The other thing about GhostScript is that it does some special things when
directed to write to a window under X that it doesn't normally do for other
drivers, like anti-aliasing.  I've not looked into how this operates.  You'd
want to reproduce this to get something as good as GV, I think.

A GGI-based GV-replacement will be on my wish-list too, once I get GGI more
incorporated into my setup, plus of course a GGI-based web-browser.  Then I
can throw X away too !


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