I remember an old program called 'bmv' (prolly still available somewhere
on sunsite.unc.edu) that uses svgalib...

Now, GGI has an almost-operational svgalib emulation layer.  (graphics
works perfectly - YMMV with input).

On my system the svgalib/emu only works sometimes with keyboard.  Any of
the GGI folks know why?

Anyways, hope that helps...
G'day, eh? :)
        - Teunis

On Mon, 17 Jan 2000, Cesar Crusius wrote:

> Hi! I have a system where svgalib doesn't work very well, and I use the
> console a lot. In fact, I only use X (XGGI) to read dvi & ps files. Is there
> any ghostscript ggi driver on the plans? Anybody working or thinking on
> working on a dvi viewer (hacks on tmview, for example?)

PS: I can't really see too many probs with building one... but I've never
looked at the problem *sigh*

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