On 30 Jan 2000, Marcus Sundberg wrote:

> Seems there is some confusion about terminology here.
> A "window manager" in the unix world is an X client, very tightly
> coupled to X, which does exactly what it sounds like - it manages
> windows for the X server. If you don't want to run an X server
> you have no use for a window manager.

A "window manager" manages windows, that's exactly what I want.
I'm not bound to todays strategies in X11 window managers, I just take it
as a start.

> To me it sounds like what you really want is a window system running
> directly on top of LibGGI, which really would be nice to have.

Yeah, you're right.

> I suggest you take a look at LibGWT in the CVS repository for a
> starting point.

What is the LibGWT?

gr. matthias

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