On Sun, 30 Jan 2000, Andreas Beck wrote:

> .X11-Commandpipe -> Classic X server -> compiled-in Graphicscard driver -> HW
> .x11-Commandpipe -> XGGI -> LibGGI -> dynamically loaded subsystem driver ->
> graphics subsystem (e.g. the KGIcon driver).

That makes it clear to me, ok.
> XGGI is - from the application view - an X server.
> XGGI is - from the LibGGI view - a LibGGI application that draws on a LibGGI
> visual.

Now I understand what You meant with Your previous message. You say: Do
windowmanager hints and stuff via libX11 to XGGI and draw the decorations
around a window directly with libggi.
Hm, have to think about that ... possibly doing some parallel support
for X styled software and a new, independent of X, way for GGI software.

gr. matthias

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