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> > In what sense ? I.e. GGI is not a windowing system, so I don't quite see
> > what to manage.
> GGI should draw the windowframes, buttons, icons or the background (root
> window).
> > Or do you mean something like writing an X windowmanager that does its
> > rendering of decorations and stuff via LibGGI ?
> The basic idea is to start from concepts of known smart/small window
> managers like blackbox or sapphire. That means it should take care of 
> placing window within the screen, resizing, closing, iconifying,
> fullscreen windows or the visability hirarchy.  


> This is exactly what I don't want. A major reason why I want to use GGI
> for this win. manager is that X is a resource killer. I want a smart,
> fast, stable system. All instabilitys in the linux boxes I'm using comes
> form X, I therefor would really like to get rid of that beast.

Seems there is some confusion about terminology here.
A "window manager" in the unix world is an X client, very tightly
coupled to X, which does exactly what it sounds like - it manages
windows for the X server. If you don't want to run an X server
you have no use for a window manager.

To me it sounds like what you really want is a window system running
directly on top of LibGGI, which really would be nice to have.
I suggest you take a look at LibGWT in the CVS repository for a
starting point.

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