Well, first of all, let me say that the ideas of Andreas
concernin libwmh, and a X-style window manager seems perfectly
acceptable to me.

Marcus Sundberg wrote:
> To me it sounds like what you really want is a window system running
> directly on top of LibGGI, which really would be nice to have.
> I suggest you take a look at LibGWT in the CVS repository for a
> starting point.

(Time to get in :-)

LibGWT aims at providing a 'window-like-visual' for GGI applications.
It is very similar in spirit to the existing 'sub' target, except
that it manages non-rectangular shapes, window overlapping, Z-order
management of windows, and events de/multiplexing (including exposure
This is extremely low-level compared to an X11 window manager. LibGWT
windows have no decoration, they are, essentially, similar to a visual
in functionality (in fact, the ideal thing would look exactly the same
as a visual for non-windows-aware application).

You'd need an application capable of managing windows itself (the decoration
part, the application part, etc.) to take advantage of this. (OpenAmulet
does this, hence my current tentative involvements with the OpenAmulet projet
as well as libgwt).


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