On 02 Jun 2001 01:07:19 +0200, Rebecca J. Walter wrote:
>> I suggest putting the GIMP web site in CVS along the source code.
>> We do this with our company web site and it has the usual benefits:
>> versioning, locking, all privileged people can do updates.

> Problem right now is that gimp is on the gnome cvs server.  I don't
> think the cvs masters would be very happy about granting access to
> people who ONLY work on the gimp web page.  It took us quite a while to
> get access for main members of the gimp-help team and I think adding
> traffic for working on the website wouldn't be a very good idea.

I don't think this would be a problem. The GNOME website is in CVS, and
it's going to contain the Gtk website too, soon. You should ask the CVS
people, obviously, but it sounds sane to me.

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