Ingo Luetkebohle schrieb:

> I volunteer to work on the development side.
> As for the technical side, I leave that up the folks on this list to
> decide. My only strong urge is to use some means of seperating content
> from code. Apache Cocoon is nice but if that seems overkill, I have
> had good experiences with JSP tag libraries. Similiar concepts are
> probably available for other languages.

Great!!! But IMHO we should limit the languages used, because of
maintainablity. So the decision of what language to be used should be in the
hands of the developers.

Regarding content/code seperation: it's the only way to go. There are many
ways to do it, and we should take a path where someone who doesnt know
anything about coding, but is a master in HTML and design can change the



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