Tuomas Kuosmanen schrieb:

> On 23 May 2001 16:07:46 +0200, Christoph Rauch wrote:
> > Maybe look at other free software projects websites? For example: The
> > documentation section on http://www.php.net/ is a great example for
> > functionality but perhaps a bit overcrowded. But I like the annotated
> > documentation. Why not have something like that too?
> Every user-submittable stuff needs someone to moderate it somehow. We
> have trolls on Gnome News, the linux-usb working devices list page is

I don't know how they do it on linuxtoday.com, but there are IMHO much
less trolls and idiots.

> getting full of newbie questions instead of useful information, every
> forum has their own crackheads. If it is let alone it will turn into a
> mess.

Moderation should be as easy as scrathing your head. 2 or more moderators
should get e-mails with the article and two links in them. [YEAH]

That way the laziness is (hopefully) not as much of a problem.



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