Tuomas Kuosmanen schrieb:

> > For the deeper nested pages like http://www.gimp.org/the_gimp_system_reqs.html
> > which are not as often linked I would recommend a redirect.
> We should have those most-often-needed pages there, as they are not
> going to collide with the new structure (I prefer directories too, makes
> stuff more simple to maintain) - The pages would just contain a template
> to "this page is moved to [insert new url here]", once there are no hits
> to them in the logs anymore, we can remove them.

I changed my mind. Why should we remove them? We should integrate all the current
links to fit to the new structure. Speak of: 2 links, one page.

I dont think that this would be too hard to create such a system.

> And I think the best fallback thing to do is to have the "404 Document
> not found" -page be a site map:

This would be a huge improvement. But then... everythings better than a plain 404.



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