On Fri, May 25, 2001 at 04:50:05AM -0400, Michael Spunt wrote:
> I've hacked some lines right now, maybe you (and others) would like to
> see it. Unfortunately, my f2s MySQL won't be available until 9:30am GMT,
> so I had to test it at home. Anyway, these are the URLs:
> http://www.technoid.f2s.com/news.gif
> http://www.technoid.f2s.com/news.php.txt
> The latter is the source code. No OOP, almost no functions, pure
> junk code. Sorry for GIF guys and girls! :-) Tell me, if you'd like
> to see the MySQL structure, too.

Umm, see, this is what worries me. code and HTML all interspersed.
I just can't deal with that and I have the impression that lots of
folks here have been through that nightmare many times.

Can you restructure it to get that design/code/content separation

On Fri, May 25, 2001 at 07:12:26AM +0200, Stefan Stiasny wrote:
> talking about source code is probably not appropriate in this
> stage...  but if we really want to have any dynamic sites i would
> urge to use xml/xsl transformation or another kind of templating
> system...  mixing contents, code and design is just a nightmare to
> maintain.

That whole XML/XSL is snake oil IMHO. It just seems like it's trying
to do a little bit too much.



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