On 23 May 2001 19:38:48 +0200, Christoph Rauch wrote:
> Raphael Quinet schrieb:
> >  > > That's pretty poor. Why would I want to update my bookmarks?
> >  > You need not. gimp.org will happily redirect you to the page you wanted.
> > Hmmm...  This is better than nothing, but if would be nice if there
> > could be some real pages (not redirects) at the following URLs, to
> > which a number of other web sites (or user bookmarks) are pointing:
> downloads.html = /download/
> and so on? different url, but same content. does that confuse the users?
> For the deeper nested pages like http://www.gimp.org/the_gimp_system_reqs.html
> which are not as often linked I would recommend a redirect.

We should have those most-often-needed pages there, as they are not
going to collide with the new structure (I prefer directories too, makes
stuff more simple to maintain) - The pages would just contain a template
to "this page is moved to [insert new url here]", once there are no hits
to them in the logs anymore, we can remove them.

And I think the best fallback thing to do is to have the "404 Document
not found" -page be a site map:

        ----------------------------------- ---- -- - -   -

        Oops, the page you are looking for is not found!

        Please, have a look below for the information you are looking

           * About the Gimp             * Download
             -short info blurb here       -short info blurb here

           * Learn to use Gimp!         * Get new plugins
             -short info blurb here       -short info blurb here

           * No good? Then why not visit our _main page_ and try looking
             around in there?

        If you came through a link from another website, 
        please be kind and inform the webmaster to update their 
        link! Thank you!

        The Gimp Development Team

        ----------------------------------- ---- -- - -   -


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