On Saturday 16 February 2002 00:06, Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero 
> Hi:
> This is the doc I have now. Any comments? Suggestions? Fixes?

Well done! I still have some comments though, see below.

<snipped lots of stuff I think atm is fine>
>     Xtns>
>         Script-Fu>
>     Tools>
>         Default Colors          D
>         Swap Colors             X
>         ---
>         Color Picker            O
>         Magnify                 Shift+M
>         Measure
>         Paint>
>         Selection>
>         Text                    T
>         Transform>
>             Move                M
>             Crop and Resize     Shift+C
>             Transform           Shift+T
>             Flip                Shift+F
>     Image>
>         Transform>
>             Rotate 90 degrees
>             Rotate 180 degrees
>             Rotate 270 degrees
>             ---
>             Autocrop
>             Guillotine
>     Layers>
>         Transform>
>             Rotate 90 degrees
>             Rotate 180 degrees
>             Rotate 270 degrees
>             ---
>             Offset...           Shift+Ctrl+O
>             Zealous Crop
>     Filters>
>         Show Last Filter        Ctrl+F
>         Repeat Last             Ctrl+R
>         ---
>         [Lots of things here]

I think we need to think very hard about Plug-ins, Filters, Script-Fu, and 

I'd like to define a Tool as something that changes the image depending on 
the coordinates sent by the pointer device. This means that Flip and 
Transform (which always work on the whole image or the whole selection) 
aren't tools at all. Things like the Image>->Color->* functions, which seem 
to be implemented as Tools in 1.2, aren't tools either.

I'm not quite sure what to do with the remaining functions. I don't think the 
user should be able to see the difference between Plug-ins, Script-Fu 
scripts, and Perl scripts in the interface. That means that the 
Xtns->Script-Fu menu entry should go. Throwing them all in one big menu under 
Filters may be overkill though. I'm open to suggestions for splitting this up 
(in a way that is based on the function of the plugins) into smaller more 
manageable parts.

Thirdly, we now have three different Transform options. I know that Unix 
gives you enough rope to shoot yourself in the foot, but with this you can't 
see the trees for the forest. Why not just a single transform tool, and an 
option there to do the whole image or just the current layer? Or better even, 
allow the selection of multiple layers in the layers dialog box, so that you 
can have finer-grained control over what you are changing and what not.

Lastly, I think we should look at the names of the functions in relation to 
their locations in the menu. In GIMP 1.2, there is a function 
Image>->Filters->Color->Map to Gradient..., which is rather confusing. Thing 
is, there's also an Image>->Filters->Map submenu, and I always end up looking 
for Map to Gradient in the Map submenu. Function-wise I think this is a 
logical way to organise things, but linguistically it's confusing.

Well, that's it for now.

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