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> Comments on the Preferences dialog:

And here are my comments on (some of) your comments...  I agree
with most of your suggestions, so I only quoted the parts on
which I had something interesting to say.

> 1. Page: New Image
>    b. Why isn't "Indexed" included as a default image type option?

Creating a new image in indexed mode would require a default colormap.
We could add an option for selecting among the available color palettes,
just below the option for selecting the default image type.

>    c. Why a "dpi" *AND* a Pixels/inch setting?  The bottom set,
>       with the "Pixels/inch" options menu should be enough.  "DPI"
>       should be part of the text header for this frame.

Because you want to be able to set the default unit?  I prefer
millimeters instead of inches.

>    d. Why do we have a "maximum image size?"  Shouldn't GIMP
>       handle any image size?  Should this value be set as a 
>       percentage (rounded to a power of 2) of installed memory?

The label for this option should be changed to "Maximum Image Size
Before Warning".  This is longer, but this is a better description
of what it does.  I don't think that it is necessary to set it as
a percentage of installed memory.

> 2. The Comment page should be integrated into the New Image page
>    as a 2nd page in a notebook.

And in the future, it should be able to set more than the default
comment.  It should also set the default value for other properties
used by EXIF and XMP/IPTC metadata.  See also:
  http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=56443 (EXIF)
  http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=94416 (XMP/IPTC)
  http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=61499 (editor)
I still have to work on that...

> 4. Page: Help System
>    b. Why aren't Mozilla and Galeon included in the Help Browser list?

This is a FAQ.  This gets asked so frequently that we should
seriously think about adding a whole paragraph of text in this
dialog.  Also, "Netscape" should probably be "Netscape-compatible"
or something like that.  The options should also be different for
the Windows build.

> 7. Page: Image Windows
>    c. Title formats should be explained - what do each of "f", "p",
>       etc. mean?

If this option gets its own page/tab, then we could explain this in
the page.  Otherwise, there should be a prominent link to the help

> 8. Merge the Display and Monitor pages.  They're similar enough
>    and can fit on one page.

Hmm...  No, because they are dealing with different things.  If the
Display page is merged with something, it should be merged with some
of the Image Windowse pages.  If this is a notebook, then it would be
appropriate to have it as a separate tab in that section.

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