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On Mon, 2003-03-03 at 12:57, RaphaŽl Quinet wrote:
> >    c. Why a "dpi" *AND* a Pixels/inch setting?  The bottom set,
> >       with the "Pixels/inch" options menu should be enough.  "DPI"
> >       should be part of the text header for this frame.
> Because you want to be able to set the default unit?  I prefer
> millimeters instead of inches.

That's fine, but the question is why isn't "Pixels" included as one of
the unit options?  In other words, do we need a Pixels line *and* a
separate unit line?  IMHO, I think not *if* you're targeting home
users.  If you're targeting more professional artists, then you might
want both.

I raised this one after my wife, who is a budding Photoshop artist,
found she liked GIMP for certain tasks and was confused by this option. 
She is only beginning to understand the issues related to DPI. 
Photoshop hides those issues quite well for her.

> >    d. Why do we have a "maximum image size?"  Shouldn't GIMP
> >       handle any image size?  Should this value be set as a 
> >       percentage (rounded to a power of 2) of installed memory?
> The label for this option should be changed to "Maximum Image Size
> Before Warning".  This is longer, but this is a better description
> of what it does.  I don't think that it is necessary to set it as
> a percentage of installed memory.

The problem is one of perception to novice and less experienced users. 
This text makes it appear that you have limits on the size of the image
you can handle.  Novice and inexperienced users won't understand how big
32MB is in relation to what they are working on because few have a good
grasp of the whole DPI issue.

If this setting is meant as an upper bound before a warning is presented
stating you have limited resources, than it should read something like:

"How much memory to use before displaying a warning regarding low

Keep in mind that this dialog has lots of free space in various places. 
Long text labels should not be avoided if they help explain the
configurable option.

That said, if you're target audience is more experienced users then this
label probably isn't an issue.

> > 4. Page: Help System
> >    b. Why aren't Mozilla and Galeon included in the Help Browser list?
> This is a FAQ.  This gets asked so frequently that we should
> seriously think about adding a whole paragraph of text in this
> dialog.  Also, "Netscape" should probably be "Netscape-compatible"
> or something like that.  The options should also be different for
> the Windows build.

Sven pointed to the Bug report on this.  I suggest changing "Netscape"
to "External" so the terminology in the options menu is a more
consistent and have the tooltip mention that the browser must be Mozilla
(which I assume is what is meant by "Netscape") compliant and reference
the documentation (re: man page) that defines what browsers are

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