[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2003-03-03 at 1145.16 -0600):
> Comments on the Preferences dialog:
> 0. General comments
>    a. Why is the default font for labels so small?  My eyes are old!

Uh? If I understand you, what you have is to change your font, cos the
font size looks like the default one, and in some places just bigger,
but I do not see where it is smaller than the default one. So I do not
get it, or the problem is elsewhere.

> 1. Page: New Image
>    c. Why a "dpi" *AND* a Pixels/inch setting?  The bottom set,
>       with the "Pixels/inch" options menu should be enough.  "DPI"
>       should be part of the text header for this frame.

No, DPI should not be in the header, cos if you set the menu to
pixel/mm, you are not talking about DPI anymore. You are always
talking about resolution. Removing the top one could be an option,
keeping is another, and this one is nice for those that want to use
see DPI (typical unit for printing) and at the same time get an unit
they can imagine quickly (all non inch users), which I think is a
noticeable group of people. It is a tricky area for those who have to
mix the local units with the graphic units.

>    d. Why do we have a "maximum image size?"  Shouldn't GIMP
>       handle any image size?  Should this value be set as a 
>       percentage (rounded to a power of 2) of installed memory?

Hehe, the talk about disk cache and such again. ;] BTW, it is not a
hard limit, just a warning limit, so errors are corrected faster (ie,
not waiting your computer to swap tons of MBs). The problem is the
label, probably.

> 8. Merge the Display and Monitor pages.  They're similar enough
>    and can fit on one page.

The transparency thing is more an Image feature (like padding
colour). But the 8 bit part could be placed somewhere with other
Monitor things.
>    b. Maybe it's me, but I think the icon for Environment ought
>       to be trees and a sun, not a nerdy IC.

Think in other languages too, maybe in those the correct translation
of computer environment has nothing to do with trees. And from looking
at the contents, a chip makes sense, it lets you configure memory
> 10. Page:  Folders
>    a. What do the green dots in the "Folders" page represent?

"OKness" of the path. If path is wrong, it appears red.
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